Wiesbaden is the beautiful capital of Hesse and impresses with its beautiful architecture and lovely pedestrian zones. There are really many places to visit that are pleasing to the eye. Especially the Kurpark, laid out in the style of an English landscape garden, is very famous and worth seeing.

Außenansicht des Staatstheaters in Wiesbaden


We can offer you the following catering Wiesbaden concepts without obligation:


Business Catering Wiesbaden

Business catering Wiesbaden is something we offer, of course. You are welcome to choose what is preferred and order it from us. We offer a variety of dishes. From burgers to small appetisers, everything is possible with a Business Catering Wiesbaden. If you want an all-inclusive service, you will of course get that from us. We offer the whole package: From set-up to take-down and also clean-up. It's that easy to plan a business catering Wiesbaden with us.


Fingerfood Catering Wiesbaden

You would like to entertain a lot and perhaps also offer many different dishes? In this case, we can offer you Wiesbaden finger food catering. Finger food catering is ideal for eating quickly and, above all, it is convenient and easy. It allows guests to move around more and not necessarily have to sit down. There are many different finger food catering options to choose from. There are hearty or sweet varieties of finger food catering.

Blick in den Footruck auf die Siebträgermachine


Our beautiful food truck is a real eye-catcher for any kind of event in Wiesbaden. That's how it all started and that's why we find it especially nice to be able to offer it at events as well. Foodtruck Wiesbaden is a very nice concept and works smoothly. We offer different dishes, streedfood like burgers, tacos, our popular savoury and sweet waffles and much more, in our Foodtruck Wiesbaden. Foodtruck Wiesbaden can accordingly be modelled entirely according to your wishes and ideas.

Herzhafte Waffel mit kleinem Fähnchen

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