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Excellent quality, regional ingredients, craftsmanship and personal communication are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. With our innovative catering, we conjure up fresh delicacies for our customers every day in our own catering kitchen. Radically tasty


»The creations are so imaginative and xciting that from now on the food tart-up story will be divided into the ime before and after GOOSE.«
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GOOSE Gourmet Catering offers catering services - always tailored to your needs. From personal catering with food stations to exclusive business catering, Christmas party catering, wedding catering, fashion week catering, food truck catering and luxury events according to the highest hygiene standards and current Corona regulations.



When it comes to catering, we focus on three essential factors that are decisive: Quality, aesthetics & personality. By quality we mean not only the taste, but also the origin of our ingredients, the selection of our suppliers and regionality.

We are Frankfurt caterers with a sense of aesthetics. Taste and beauty can be argued and never generalized, but aesthetics is taste/beauty with style. A catering Frankfurt with style can, for example, be a long, stylishly laid table. Stylish with concept. well thought out With ideas and aspirations. Every single catering guest senses this at first glance. And catering of this kind underlines the personality of every event. People with personality are remembered. People with personality are often more successful. And people with personality often have a lot of people around them. Do you see the parallelism?

And that's exactly why personal advice for catering in Frankfurt is so important to us! We look forward to your call!

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