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Käsebuffet mit diversensen Käsesorten und einer Dekoration aus Kräutern und Trauben

Finest catering for buffets in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main – from finger food to theme and grill buffets: the right buffet catering for every event.

Buffet Catering Frankfurt
by selected themes

The following finest buffet catering are particularly popular with our customers. All our buffets can be arranged in any size.

  • Classic Buffet Asia
  • Deluxe Buffet Asia
  • Frankfurt buffet
  • Italian buffet
  • American buffet
  • Summer Buffet
  • Spring buffet
  • Christmas buffet
  • Hut magic buffet
  • Alpine Buffet
  • BBQ Buffet / Grill Buffet
  • Surf & Turf Buffet
  • Wedding Buffet Classic
  • Wedding Buffet Deluxe
  • Flying Fingerfood Buffet
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Buffet Catering

We offer the following packages:

  • Paket Easy
  • 1 starter, 1 main course with side dishes, 1 dessert
  • Classic package
  • 2 starters, 2 main courses with side dishes, 2 desserts
  • Package Upper Class
  • 3 starters, 2 intermediate dishes, 3 main courses, 3 desserts
  • Package Streetfood Buffet
  • Oldtimer Foodtruck, various streetfood stations as desired
  • Package Deluxe
  • Show Cooking with our professional chefs:
    3 starter stations, 3 main courses,
    1 large candy bar, 2 dessert stations including decoration
Farbenfrohes Buffet Catering mit Blumendekoration


Your buffet catering package is not included? No problem! Write to us! Together with us you will find the best solution for a buffet catering that will be remembered by your guests. Was there anything else? Oh well: You can of course also book event furniture with us. And in addition everything you need for your perfect event - from champagne glasses, tables and chairs to DJs or sound systems.

Decoration & Flowers

It's all about the details. We are happy to take care of the decoration concept that suits your event.

Blumenstrauß vor blauer Wand